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Reiki TrainingIf you’re interested in Reiki Training or Reiki Training Los Angeles, you’re not the only one. You might have heard a friend mention a Reiki energy healing session in passing, or you might have heard of the term circulating in medical circles. So what is Reiki? Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that was created by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in 1922 that is a form of healing and rehabilitating of a person’s universal life force. This universal life force has also been termed “qi,” pronounced “chi,” and has commonalities with Qigong, a Chinese holistic system that promotes a person’s general well-being through breathing, meditation, and physical movement. It just as much philosophical as it is medicinal. It is founded in the belief that a person is more than a just physical entity, that there is a spiritual aspect to a person that is invisible to the naked eye, but is no less intrinsic and no less important to that person’s well-being. This spiritual aspect is just as important in maintaining good health, and encompasses a person’s emotional and mental health as well. It is very difficult to

delineate where one aspect stops and another begins since a change in one area can easily affect a change in another, if not all, with the physical health of a person’s physical body being included.   The word “Reiki” is made up of two distinct ideas, “Rei” meaning the divine or spiritual, and “ki” referring to the aforementioned “chi” or universal life force. It is this universal life force that becomes adversely affected through various trauma and events in life that is the object of Reiki healing. It is this universal life force that also encompasses the emotional, mental, as well as physical state of a person. So how does one learn about this healing art? There are many Reiki classes Los Angeles with Reiki Certification that are readily available, some online, some in a more intimate and personal setting, should one be inclined to learn more about it firsthand. Reiki Training Los Angeles as well as Reiki training in general, tends to known as Reiki attunement, and begins with Reiki level 1 attunement.   It logically and naturally follows that one’s own person, which in this case is the practitioner / healer’s medical tool, must be readily attuned and healthy before proper healing can be administered. This includes that practitioner’s physical, mental, and emotional state, and is arguably more difficult than a conventional medical doctor’s requirements where the medical doctor’s requirements tend to be more cerebral; a conventional medical doctor’s entire person need not be 100% healthy in order for that doctor to practice, although it is obviously preferable. In Reiki Training Los Angeles, there is a sort of “tuning” of one’s person, known appropriately as “attunement” where one not just learns about Reiki as a healing art, but also how to tune one’s person (which encompasses the mental, emotional, physical, etc.) in order to prepare it to attune another’s. It is a process that one improves over time as one learns what to look for and what to expect. Although it is something that is relatively easy to learn and easy to start practicing, it will take a lifetime to master. Find out more information from Reiki Master Carlos Caridad.

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